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Study No. 1 (2015) from Alex Yiu on Vimeo.

Study No. 2 (2015) from Alex Yiu on Vimeo.

Study No. 3 (2015) from Alex Yiu on Vimeo.

Study No. 4 (2015) from Alex Yiu on Vimeo.

Studies No. 1-4
Four channels video

This series of video is called "Studies No. 1-4". I have taken a footage from the washing machine by using the time-lapse camera, then I took another video on top of the video in the same duration, so that the visuals of these videos are inherently related but varied. This work is an examination of poetics, time, and sublimity of everyday life through a musical form "Studies", which is an analogy of how an musician/artist used to practise with their tools and instruments, but here it treats everyday life as an unavoidable process of practice and study.

The ideal presentation of these videos will be like projecting them on the same wall side by side.