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“Soramimi" is a Japanese term that literally means “mishearing”, while it is a phenomenon that the audience “mishears” a song lyric of other languages and interprets it into a homophonic translation of their languages. Similar phenomenons have occurred in other languages, like “Agathe Bauer” in German and “Mama Applesap” in Dutch. As my work is also called “Soramimi”, which I borrow the term from its original meaning, focus on its homophonic translation as an expression of utterance, I try to examine the wordplay in a spoken form. Therefore, I present my work in a video form that all linguistic materials were all generated through a workshop held by myself with the participants at Goldsmiths, University of London. Instead of presenting my work in a purely written form, it is an examination of the historical aspect of sound poetry and wordplay in an interrelated perspective.

The video are divided into five sections, each section is based on different homophonic translations of one sentence spoken by the participants. Every time the sentence is accompanied by the subtitle of its literal translation, but the speaking is looped and concluded with all the homophonic translations by playing all once time at the end. The homophonic translation focuses on its sonic aspect instead of being literal and semiotical, while the outcome sounds like gibberish, the vocality of the language is preserved and the phones of the language are translated.


Wonki Baek (Korean)
Kristy Zhang (Mandarin)
Dana Eitches (English/French)
Ursula Nolden (German)

Goldsmiths, University of London

Soramimi (空耳)


“Soramimi”(空耳)源自日文,本來的意思為「幻聽」,後來更引伸致歌曲的聽眾,聆聽外語歌曲時,以另自身語言的諧音,音譯並惡搞,產生出新的意義(又或者是毫無意義的廢話)。除了在日本,類似的概念也存在於其他文化,例如德文的”Agathe Bauer”和荷蘭語的”Mama Applesap”。在我的作品裡,我從原本概念裡借用了這個詞語,來集中將音譯轉化成為說話方式的表達。為了將這種文字遊戲以語音的形式表達,我在倫敦大學金匠學院舉行了一個小型的工作坊,並將工作坊裡透過討論產生出來的語言結果,用錄象呈現出來。在這件作品裡,文字的呈現實為其次,因為我希望從中探索文字遊戲和語音的關係。



Wonki Baek (Korean)
Kristy Zhang (Mandarin)
Dana Eitches (English/French)
Ursula Nolden (German)

倫敦大學金匠學院 (Goldsmiths, University of London)