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Remember That Lesson About Time (2015) from Alex Yiu on Vimeo.

Remember That Lesson About Time
Video with stereo sound

Subvocalisation. Wakey-wakey. A lesson about time.

In a corner of my room at London, I put two alarm clocks and turn them into the same time. However, because of the inaccuracy of the alarm clocks’ mechanism, I decided to return to my seat during the gap between the ringing of the alarm clocks, and humming a Cantopop song “Tourbillon" which the lyric is written by Wyman Wong for Eason Chan. In the video, I translate the lyric into homonym and put it as subtitle. By merging the ticking sound of the clocks, I try to reinterpret the unnoticeable corner with sound and words within the fading and limited time.

This work “Remember that Lesson about Time” proposes music video as the carrier, inscribing the lyrics from the video with characters of the same pronunciation, encouraging its audience to recite them before realising that it, indeed, is a popular song. I have applied the unique “one pronunciation, multiple characters” quality of Chinese characters, and through word shifts, he illustrates the concept of “Différance” as proposed by Derrida – that language is the process as memories are comprehended.