Practical Vocation
Francesco Moraca and Serenella Martufi
Alex Yiu


Giorgio Agamben's Homo Sacer

A journey together in Eritrea, where the Medeber is a reality and where this piece really started.

An encounter with Raimund Hoghe's work.

Practical Vocation from Medeber Teatro on Vimeo.

Creation Process - April - July 2015 in London
Presented live - July 2015 at The Old Laban Centre, London
Filmed by Rabbit's Island in November 2015

A body alone on stage uses 4 industrial plumbing pipes to create, inhabit and transform an architectural space that evokes ideas of home and boundary. Geometry and chaos are placed aside each other to experience how debris can become opportunities for new beginnings. The body travels through images and music that make it at first a resilient worker, then a boisterous child and finally a super-hero clad in shiny emergency blankets.

From a distance a voice opens a dialogue with the moving figure, spelling out poetical verses. These words speak of the physics of the body, of the fibre and the dynamics that make it a machine. The amplified voice seeks a passage to the body, to become one thing with it in the very moment when this collapses to the floor. A fall this last one that does not resemble to an end, but rather to the transformation of matter that moves the whole wide world.