I have done it again (after Lady Lazarus) (2020)

The American poet Sylvia Plath composed her well-known poem Lady Lazarus in the autumn of 1962, a few months before her suicide on 11 February 1963. Lady Lazarus and other poems of that period were collected and published in Ariel, one of her most famous posthumous poetry collections. My work’s title I have done it again is the very first line of Lady Lazarus. In this work I am inspired by the imagery of this poem: the antagonistic attitude, the depressed inner-self, the obsession with death, and the rebirth from ashes. I attempted to rebuild and reinterpret this imagery through incorporating the vocal technique of extreme metal music, without quoting the original poems.











the army

comes back and forth

searching for the smell

the smell of the dust

comes with the fiery ashes

Unveil the mask

Alas thy faces

Do you tremble?

Blood sheds

on the land of white flower

and I a man of nothing

same as Sylvia

to measure the hight of grief

All numbers

are the same

with the slander of thy name

Wrap me up from my head to my feet

All I want is piles of meat


is a sin, like nothing else.

They do it exceptionally well.

They do it so we feel like hell.

They do it so we feel real.

They guess we could tell we are meant to be

The juice of the man

So did Sylvia said,

“do it in a cell”

the greatest drama of all time

The blood dries

so as the light dies

Where’s my knife

with a hint of pride?

Herr General

Herr Chairman

I am your guts

I am your aorta

The pure mercurial rain

It smells like a bone

I break and wick

Do not think I overestimate your small mistake

Burn, burn—

I pour and lit.

Screaming, moaning, there is something there———

Under the flesh

I speak the magic word

and I vanish like a turd