Hong Kong Festival Orchestra Flash Mob 2013: Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" (2013)

HKFO Season 2013: "Ode to Change" is a trilogic project designed to take audiences of Hong Kong through a transformational journey, uniting lay listeners, aficionados and veteran music lovers from the hustling and bustling streets of Hong Kong into the solemn concert halls.

For decades, Hong Kong has been labeled as a cultural desert, despite the many musical monuments the city has established throughout the years. On 28 July 2013, Part One of HKFO's "Trilogy of Change" is put into motion. Planting the seeds of change deep into the streets of Hong Kong, HKFO premieres the city's first large-scale choral-orchestral "flash mob", bringing to the audience excerpts of Beethoven's Symphony No.9 at the heart of one of Hong Kong's densest malls, the Shatin New Town Plaza. A cry for universal brotherhood, HKFO enlists listeners far and wide in our campaign of revolution, innovation and change, to tend the once-desert into green pastures.

香港節慶管弦樂團(節樂) 於二零一三年樂季為各位呈獻「節樂頌」三部曲。不論你是一般聽眾、熱愛音樂的朋友,或­是狂熱樂迷,節樂將帶你從繁華鬧巿,走進莊嚴的音樂廳,踏上一次不一樣的音樂變革之旅­。


A Film by Chankai Vision
陳楷 作品

Music Director and Conductor: Sean Li

Composer/Arranger: Alex Yiu