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Das Unaussprechliche (2017) from Alex Yiu on Vimeo.

Das Unaussprechliche
Video with stereo sound

Above, it isn't bright.
Below, it isn't dark.
Seamless, unnamable,
it returns to the realm of nothing.
Form that includes all forms,
image without an image,
subtle, beyond all conception.
Tao Te Ching, 14

To what level that things are related to us personally? From a cup which you have used, to the moment after you finished showering, we skip our feeling toward all these things by default, and look for ourselves through social media and the phone that you use. While we seldom examine the objects around us, and all the fleeting moment happened during our life, we treat most of these things as a process or a journey to things that we concern, yet we forget how all these small things and moments really conceive what we really are. In this video, numerous objects and moments are captured and accompanied with an voiceless commentary which investigates the relationship in between these things and the fictional protagonist of the video. Through all these tiny little fragments in our life, I try to make the unspeakable private matter speakable.

The video was made during the Munich Biennial - International Biennial Platform Hong Kong at Connecting Space Hong Kong in March 2017.