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February 10, 2018 @ 8pm

Alex Yiu (HK): The Chinese Hill Billies

Based on his previous artwork “Song to Daphnis”, Alex Yiu furthers his research on the relationship in-between sound and identity in Vancouver, where he investigates the soundscape in the area of Chinatown and Richmond. The previous artwork “Song to Daphnis” is a personal manifestation of Alex Yiu’s journey as a sojourner in the city of London, dealing with personal relationship and Asian identities. Now, Alex Yiu is going to summarize his research here with an audiovisual lecture-performance.

This is going to be an audience participatory performance that the audience will be required to join and do some singing exercises.

This project is fully funded by Hong Kong Development Arts Council

Para Site
August 8 | 7:00pm
Chinese Hill Billies
Lecture performance by Alex Yiu

This session will be conducted in English. The lecture performance investigates the relationship between sound and identity in Richmond, Vancouver’s Chinatown. It departs from the uncertain origins of the song Red River Valley, known under different titles and sung in different languages throughout the decades. In his performance, Yiu focuses on a particular event, when the song was performed in the largest Chinese restaurant in the city in 1939, by a band formed by Chinese immigrants, the first of its kind.

Lecture performance by Alex Yiu from Parasite on Vimeo.